I only take the most mature and committed clients, prior to booking and design, I, like all serious artist require a deposit. – pays for design time, covers me in case of no shows or cancellations (without 48h notice)
Once you lose a deposit you will be asked to bring in a new one before we continue, I may ask for a full day  rate payed in advance if I feel you are a risk to my schedule. Deposit will be given back to you ONLY after I’ve approved the final healed piece.
  • Rarely does a realistic tattoo take less than 5-6 hours minimum, unless really small, so I always book by the day.
  • I may do a half day if its a smaller piece that I like 🙂
  • It’s Usually a month or two wait to start a new client after deposit is received. I only book my schedule in 2 month chunks.

I include GST in my prices I am CASH ONLY except for deposits I usually allow those to emailed as many clients live out of town

  • Realism 90% 90%
  • Portrait 60% 60%
  • Gothic 70% 70%
  • Nature 60% 60%
  • Animal 10% 10%
  • Bio Mechanical 20% 20%

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