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Hi. My name is Seven  I am an award winning tattoo artist with 18 years experience.

 I take passion in doing the best work I can with every client, and developing a lasting client relationship with each of you.

 My style is focused on realistic tattoos and photo replication. This includes portraits, wildlife, pop culture, dark themes, and many others!

Please email me with your inspiration and let’s work together to make an awesome tattoo for you to love for many years to come!

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  • I am absolutely not the artist who will be inexpensive, what I do is extreme and will cost in proportion to the extremes you challenge me to.

  • Please don’t ask me to quote you a final amount or how long it will take, I care only about quality. There are too many variables.  I focus on getting my tattoos to look as realistic as possible, solid, tight and detailed.

  • Most Tattoos I do are MINIMUM 1 full day and usually more

  • I book by the day NOT by the hour, except for minor touch-ups.

  • One of the benefits to doing ultra detailed tattoos is that I do not pound the ink in, I finesse it, in and as a result is far less painful than many tattoo styles, I often have clients fall asleep!!
I only take the most mature and committed clients, prior to booking and design, I, like all serious artist require a deposit. – pays for design time, covers me in case of no shows or cancellations (without 48h notice)
Once you lose a deposit you will be asked to bring in a new one before we continue, I may ask for a full day  rate payed in advance if I feel you are a risk to my schedule. Deposit will be given back to you ONLY after I’ve approved the final healed piece.
  • Rarely does a realistic tattoo take less than 5-6 hours minimum, unless really small, so I always book by the day.
  • I may do a half day if its a smaller piece that I like 
  • It’s Usually a month or two wait to start a new client after deposit is received. I only book my schedule in 2 month chunks.