What My Customers Say…

Seven is a consummate professional, his work area and studio are impeccably clean and he is extremely careful to keep it that way. He has a funny and engaging personality and is easy going which makes the 6 hour session fly by… His photo realism is definitely on point and far above most other artists work I have seen in this area…

Overall I have been extremely happy with everything he has done for me… and my wife!! I have a black and grey sleeve and she has a full colour back piece… All I can say is AWESOME!!! As a person asked for a tattoo at the age of seven, body art has always intrigued me. Finding an artist who can imagine and recreate your vision is a task indeed.

Meeting Seven for the first time I knew straight up he knows his shit, wants to try new things, challenge himself and won’t bullshit you. Being tattooed in a private studio is my favorite, his space is great. I love the sweet hummmm of a tattoo needle but not ten of them.

Nick (34)

Geologist, AB

January 2013 my life was forever ‘marked’ by the skilled hands and warm heart of Se7en Beckham. An inspirational photo that lay dormant was awakened and now I proudly share it with the world. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000.

The symptoms I experienced led me to believe that my dream of having ink was impossible. Se7en was absolutely fantastic to catering to my unique situation. I was not the ideal client due to my spastic legs.

Thnx to Se7en’s incredible talent & ability to work around my MS, my dream became possible…:) His willingness to go above and beyond the already elite tattoo experience was great. I walked in a client and out a friend!

Thanx Mr. Se7en…you ‘ROCKed’ it!  Cory, Way up North

Cory - Way up North

Seven has done my half sleeve and is currently working on my full sleeve, all of which honor my family. He has expressed my love for them very well in his work.I am constantly approached about my work and happy to say who my artist is.

Seven doesn’t tattoo you, he puts art on the canvas that is your skin.Quirky, fun and constantly improving his craft, he does not disappoint

Paula S.

Seven is extremely talented, he keeps his work area extremely clean and is careful to keep it that way. He’s extremely professional but has a kind of personality that makes six hours go by fast , he’s very focused on detail which make every hour worth it. I never thought a tattoo could look so real !! ….

He is doing a full back piece and has covered a birthmark, scars and a old tattoo he has given me confidence that I didn’t ever think was possible because of my skin condition. He has exceeded my expectations and his level of work is absolutely amazing.

He has also done a arm sleeve for my husband which is also simply amazing. I would not want to go to another artist … His tattoos are unreal, and could not be happier!! What he has done for my confidence I will be forever grateful!!

Mike P.


I have known Seven for quite a few years…… Ever since my first tattoo! :). I still remember that first appointment, before he had his own business, and I already knew that any future pieces would need to be done by him! Since then I think I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve been to his studio!

For me, I definitely prefer the experience I get with Seven, as compared to what other people describe for their tattoo experiences. I love that it’s private and a more casual atmosphere. The studio kind of has that comfort of home feeling, yet it’s clean and professional. I definitely have never felt like ” just another appointment”, for me, it’s like hanging out with a friend all day while getting amazing artwork!! I find the appointments to always be a lot a fun and relaxing, either watching movies or listening to some music and a lot of good conversation :).

As for my artwork……. I am continually blown away by Sevens creativity and talent! The pieces I have are amazing and I receive so many compliments when I have them out to shine!!

I love that no one else will have my tattoos, they were created for me :). He has come up with ideas that would have never imagined in a million years, and he has never steered me in the wrong direction with a piece, he definitely knows what will look amazing!! Thank you Seven!! I look forward to many more days in your chair!! 🙂


I sent my initial email to Seven and received a reply within a week. We worked on the piece and Incorporated several different ideas, giving it a life of its own. He was flexible and responsive to new ideas.

The artwork is very detailed and as such, took a long time to complete. For this reason it did not come cheap, however the piece speaks for itself.


I am the most discerning, discriminate, yet passionate tattoo “entrepreneur”, that you will find. My body is a canvas… I currently have 80% of my body tattooed, and every single tattoo I have is one I have considered long and hard before selecting an artist to work with. The artistic capability to create the specific style of tattoo I want is of utmost importance.

I have work done by some of the well-known and artistically talented tattoo artists in Canada and from around the world, and I am willing to wait to get into an artist that I know does amazing work. When I saw Seven’s work, I had to have a tattoo done by him. I wasn’t sure of what it was even going to be, but it just had to be done by him, and I’ll tell you why.

Some tattoo artists do great Japanese art. Some do great portraits. Some do great black and white. Seven Beckham does them all. Not only does he do them all, the quality and caliber of his work is second to none. He is a true artist and can create anything from the most detailed custom design, to something very simple.

His attention to detail isimpeccable. He take the time necessary to get everything exactly right and would never considering producing anything less than perfect. He clearly takespride in his work and it shows. You can see he is more than just an artist, he is perfectionist, and in my opinion, an artistic genius.


Edmonton, AB

My time with Seven has reinforced my belief that amazing art is worth waiting for. Initially I was daunted by the wait time; however, through our initial conversations, I knew that his art and his wit were going to make this experience a memorable one. I gave him some ideas and his brilliant creative mind turned those ideas into a tattoo that has people stopping me on the street.

Even when it was just a stencil, people would frequently stop me and now, with it’s vivid colour and detail, I’m frequently stopped. People will compliment me on the work but it is Seven’s attention to detail and beautiful artistry that they are actually complimenting. And they should.

I feel as though I am walking around with a painting on my arm…it is inspiring and humbling to have someone create something for you that is unique and that they are so passionate about creating. My love for tattoos has only been increased by Seven’s work and I hope it will be the first of many from this talented artist. I can truly say that Seven’ exceptional talent is worth the wait. Also, did I say that he enjoys wine? Hint hint.”

Deanna B.

Yoga Instructor, Edmonton, AB

I have nothing but good things to say about Seven Beckham. For anyone who is contemplating getting a tattoo from him, I promise you the wait is well worth it. Seven is ridiculously passionate about what he does and it definitely shows in his work.

I had the privilege of having my ribcage tattooed by him in 2012 and could not be more happy with how it turned out. The detail in his work is meticulous and I have had endless compliments from people I know and complete strangers.

Yes, you may have to wait over a year to get a tattoo from him and may pay a little bit more in the end – but if you truly appreciate art, you will walk away with a masterpiece. And he is pretty awesome to talk to when you’re sitting there for 6 hours with your arm over your head. Looking forward to the next one Seven!


Alberta Yoga Instructor, Ukrainian Princess and Tattoo Lover

There are hundreds of tattoo shops but only a handful of people that are doing it right. At the top end of those selected few people is where you will find Seven Beckham. It’s a huge challenge to find someonewho can capture exactly what you want in a tattoo, Seven truly is an artist who is dedicated to high end quality tattoos.

Colby S.

Grain Farmer, Stettler, AB

It felt like the longest wait of my life, but in the end I met a great person I can now call my friend, and I got a Rock’n tattoo to boot!! Seven is very professional and an amazing artist. Short and sweet:)

Corrine V.

Self Employed, Beaumont, AB

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